Super Oriental Market

Happy Chinese "Smart Monkey" Year!

NEW! 加拿大螃蟹 Dungenese Crab $10.99/LB, LIVE!

NEW! 龍蝦 $9.99/LB, LIVE!

蓝蟹 Blue Crab $3.99/LB

小龙虾 Crawfish $2.99/LB, $1.79/LB(30-40)

*Boiled Crawfish $3.99/LB, allow 40min for cooking

We are located on Valley Ave, close to the Green Spring Highway in Homewood.
We have the best slection of Asian groceries in Metro Birmingham, Period. And the brand new Red Pearl Restaurant has been remodeled and re-opened since Feb 14, 2010, you will get the best fresh authentic Chinese cuisine here!

Super Oriental Market &
Red Pearl Restaurant

 243 West Valley Ave, 
Homewood, AL 35209